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The club was formed in Ockbrook village in 1971. In October 1972 the club moved to Aston Lock, Aston-on-Trent. December 9th 2001 marked a second change of shooting ground to our current location.

Ockbrook Gun Club takes pride in being a private club owned and run by its members.

As briefly mentioned above the club is run by the membership, who elect Officers and Committee to manage the clubs affairs & safeguard any financial commitments (see rule 10).


One of the benefits of being a member entitles you to enjoy reasonable cost organized shooting and the opportunity setup birds that you would like to shoot when on Rota Duty!

The only way the club can be successfully is by all the members making a commitment to assist in setting up and the running the shoots ( at present this means helping 4 times a year, a small price to pay for the enjoyment and benefits of being in the club.

A minimum of two experienced Committee Members one being a Safety Officer who will be on hand to assist in setting up the shoot; along with other members who will be on Rota Duty with you.

Work parties are occasionally organised to improve the clubs facility’s i.e. better access/parking or shooting layouts, you are required to help on at least one work party work event (minimum of 2 hours) each year, there will be a number of dates organised throughout the year, if you can help on more than one work party the committee would appreciate it, additional work parties could be organised as required!

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