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Please note that payment is currently cash only as the card reader does not receive signal in the office. 

50 Bird Sporting

Members £12

Non-members £22 (please arrive early if you haven't attended before)

Colts £8


Annual membership fee £50. With the discount offered from membership, we also ask all members to participate in the setup rota, and attend a minimum of 2 working parties per year to assist in maintaining the ground that we love to shoot at. 

If you would like more information, please get in touch and we'd be happy to help.


We have a range of cartrdges on sale, subject to availability. 

Price per box:

Fiocchi F3 - £7.90

Fiocchi Black - £7.80

Lyalvale Express Gold - £7.80

Lyalvale Express Blue - £7.20

Lyalvale Express Reds - £6.90

Fiocchi Lite Speed - £6.60

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